Suzanne West for 63rd Judicial District Attorney

About Suzanne West

I humbly ask that you vote for me for District Attorney in 2020.  Service to a greater good are core values that myself and my family live by.

I have been a public servant my entire adult life.  First, I was a teacher and coach.   I spent four years working on reading acquisition and other subjects with fifth graders and then with teachers as a reading coach.  

Now I currently serve as the City Attorney of Del Rio.  Since 2011, I have advised the City through multi-million dollar litigation, advocated on behalf of the city in arbitrations and court rooms on numerous occasions, drafted contracts for millions of  dollars worth of projects, and given legal opinions to dozens of municipal officials, officers, elected officials, and board members at the City of Del Rio.

Intervening years were spent as the Chief County Prosecutor in Boerne, Texas and then Assistant District Attorney here in Del Rio. Professions that serve a higher purpose have always called to me, and I have been fortunate to have found truly interesting and fulfilling positions in my career.  During these years, I have tried dozens of jury trials, and have received more guilty verdicts than acquittals.  

In the year 2006, I tried 9 jury trials, and for all nine of those trials, guilty verdicts resulted.  This is not the average in prosecutorial numbers, but throughout my trial career, I have continued to win more trials and hearings than I have lost, as a result of the type of preparation, planning, and team work that I will employ as the 63rd Judicial District Attorney.

My family’s story:

I grew up in Kerrville, in the hill country of Texas, and attended college at UT Austin.  I stayed in the central Texas area for law school at St. Mary’s University School of Law in San Antonio.  My husband and I met in Boerne, Texas, where we both worked and moved to Del Rio together in 2008 for a transfer assignment in his job and have called this Oasis on the Border home ever since.  We have lived here for over a decade and have been happy to make Del Rio our home.

I am the mother of two elementary school age boys.  Our family spends our free time on the lake in the summers, and in sports activities most of the winter.  My husband and I have been volunteer coaches.  Faith in God and service to a greater good are core values that we live by.  

My husband is a former Army Ranger who is now a helicopter pilot for law enforcement, and in his free time travels for hunting experiences.  You might have seen some of his articles in the local newspaper and local and national magazines.

Books are my passion, and I am an avid reader of all types of books.  This hobby made teaching children to read a true pleasure.  Since I love non-fiction, too, I am constantly looking for ways to advance my knowledge of the law.

 If you are interested, here is a detailed biography: